ROOT notebook (c++) with Github codespaces

Hi all,

I am trying to make a workshop with ROOT notebooks (cpp flavour) and make it run in Github codespaces, however, docker-examples does not provide such a configuration to be run in Github codespaces. As a starting example I have used software-carpentry workshop, however in order to run jupyter server, a user have to execute some commands like root --notebook --allow-root, then paste a localhost address into vs code existing jupyter kernel, which is a bit cumbersome.

Best would be if VS code could pick up ROOT C++ kernel and run it by itself just like I am used on my own laptop.
a hint that could help VS code to find is is
cp -r $ROOTSYS/etc/notebook/kernels/root ~/.local/share/jupyter/kernels

Cheers, Sasha

Hi @Alexandr_Prozorov,

thanks for your question, it’s super nice you’re organising a workshop with ROOT!

Let’s ask @vpadulan for a hint here.


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