Root not Showing Canvas when using Draw

I was wondering: I tried using dataTree->Draw(“file_name”)
Instead of opening a window though, root showed the text:
Info in TCanvas::MakeDefCanvas: created default TCanvas with name c1

Is this because I’m using WSL (Ubuntu 16.04) on Windows? How do I fix it?

In oder to have graphics, you need a X server (e.g. XMing) installed (and configured) on Windows. You will most probably find how to properly set-up XMing and WSL if you Google for it…

I have aready installed XMing and PuTTy, but I don’t know what “host name” to use, as I have no other computer that I can connect to. What exactly should I put there?

I don’t know, you should find the information by searching on the Web…

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