Root new RBrowser (root 7) not opening custom TTrees

I have just compiled root 6.26 form source successfully. I also have a root based framework which compiled without any problem and works like a charm. When i try to inspect the .root files produces with the new web based TBrowser it doesn’t let me open the “qtree” present inside (a custom class that inherits from TTree). It doesn’t give any error, it just doesn’t do anything.
If I use the old TBrowser by calling root with --web=off, it still works like a charm.

ROOT Version: 6.26
Platform: Ubuntu 21.10
Compiler: g++ 11.2.0

Interesting. Could you provide the file with the custom qtree class? I’m sure @linev will be interested :wink:

Can you provide example of such TTree - if possible not that big. (927 Bytes)
QTree.hh (619 Bytes) (1.3 KB)
QBaseTree.hh (988 Bytes)
myfile.root (2.5 MB)

Here are all the requested files, the class is QTree, it inherits from QBaseTree which as inherits from TTree. The file myfile.root contains an extract of the data.

I have also another root file which contains a custom object (not a tree) which is basically a scatterplot. Once i load the appropriate classes in the root shell the old TBrowser makes the scatterplot automatically, while the new one doesn’t really do anything besides letting me navigate the rootfile until i reach the object (same behaviour as before).

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It is missing QTreeInfo.hh file. (568 Bytes)
QTreeInfo.hh (398 Bytes)
You’re right. Here it is


I can compile code, but still get problem to read QTree object from the file - ROOT crashes somewhere in the streamer. You could try yourself.
qtree.tar.gz (2.6 KB)

But I can reproduce your problem with TNtuple class.
If I remove special handling from RBrowser - it also will not work.
I will try to provide solution.


Yes i am guessing that it is not easy to use this class, it’s part of a bigger analysis framework and I am guessing everything is connected. I am not the main developer so I do not know all the inner workings of the framework.
Thank you for your help !

Hi Giorgio,

If you like, you can try code from PR #10109
Or wait until it will be merged into master and 6.26 branch
It should solve your problem.


Yes, it appears to be working just fine! Now it crashes because it doesn’t automatically load fftw3 in the shell (i have to load it manually), but that has been an issue for a while that we are trying to fix.
Thank you!

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