ROOT modify STL behavior with Visual C++ 2005 Express


I want to use a code I have written in the Linux OS for the Windows OS. I use Visual C++ 2005 Express for that.

For this simple code in order to read a text file and stop when the sepcified word “Density” has been read:

std::ifstream file(“file.srim”);
std::string line;
while( std::getline(file, line) && ( string::npos == line.find(“Density”) ) ){
cout << "line " << line << endl;

I have completely different behavior since the libCore.dll is included or not in the project.

How should I proceed to avoid this?

Thank you.



this is at least a problem with debug vs. release builds and maybe even with incompatible MSVC7.1 and MSVC8 builds, see e.g.


Ok thank you very much for your reply it seems to work in release mode.