I am trying to use the DeltaR under 5.18, but many times I get crashes - I use as arguments objects of type (lepton_ , jets[0])

So, is this anyother way to use this class, or just need to update to newer root version?

Thanks in advance


the function should not crash, since it just calling the Eta() and Phi() methods on the two passed vectors. You might have crashes in calculating Eta() or Phi() on your vector. Which vector types are you using ? ROOT::Math vectors, TLorentzVector’s or something else ?

I would need more information, possibly a code example to understand better your problem.

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Thanks for the reply

indeed, I use TRootJet object AFTER selection, which means by definition that this objects are not empty -so usually I use a pair of

(TRootJet , vector [i])



TRootJet is a CMS class, but I guess it defines Eta() and Phi() so it can be used in the DeltaR function.

You should look by dumping the stack trace (in non-debug run) where exactly you are having the crash.