ROOT Makefile moving to SLC3 to SLC4

Hi there,
I was using the following simple Makefile when I was working with 5.10.00e/slc3_ia32_gcc323 :


Makefile for complile of c++ code with call to ROOT libs#

GCC = /usr/bin/gcc
GPP = /usr/bin/g++
#GCC = gcc
#GPP = g++

CC = $(GPP)
CXX = $(GPP)

ROOTCFLAGS = $(shell $(ROOTSYS)/bin/root-config --cflags)
ROOTLIBS = $(shell $(ROOTSYS)/bin/root-config --libs)
ROOTGLIBS = $(shell $(ROOTSYS)/bin/root-config --glibs) -lTreePlayer

LIBS = $(ROOTLIBS) -lMinuit

CCNAME = MakeAnalysisHiggsToTauTau
CFNAME = AnalysisHiggsToTauTau
CFULL = FullSimTree
CFAST = FastSimTree
CTRUT = TruthTree
CCOLL = CollectionTree

OBJ = $(CCNAME).o $(CFNAME).o $(CFULL).o $(CFAST).o $(CTRUT).o $(CCOLL).o

SRC = $(CCNAME).cxx


all: $(CCNAME)


$(CCNAME).o: $(SRC) $(CC) -c $(CCNAME).cxx $(CXXFLAGS)
$(CFNAME).o: $(SRCF) $(CC) -c $(CFNAME).cxx $(CXXFLAGS)
$(CFULL).o: $(SRCFULL) $(CC) -c $(CFULL).cxx $(CXXFLAGS)
$(CFAST).o: $(SRCFAST) $(CC) -c $(CFAST).cxx $(CXXFLAGS)
$(CTRUT).o: $(SRCTRUT) $(CC) -c $(CTRUT).cxx $(CXXFLAGS)
$(CCOLL).o: $(SRCCOLL) $(CC) -c $(CCOLL).cxx $(CXXFLAGS)
$(OBJ) : $(CFNAME).h


Moving to newer versions of root and in particular 5.14.00e/slc4_ia32_gcc34, I cannot compile with the same Makefile. Even though if it is checking my .cxx files and it compiles them , at the very end I receive an error regarding the libraries :

/usr/bin/ld: skipping incompatible /afs/ when searching for -lCore/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lCore
I guess, moving to newer version I am obliged to do some modifications to the Makefile that unfortunately, I am not aware of. Do you please have any ideas?

thanks in advance
best regards

I assume you also upgrade your os to SLC4 (and your compiler in now gcc 3.4)?