Root macro path issue after update

I recently upgraded ROOT to a new version, and I’m encountering problems with file paths in my macros (.C files).

Specific Issue:

  • In my macro, I’m referencing a file located at /home/sawan/macro/efficiency.root .
  • However, ROOT seems to be interpreting the path as /home/sawan/macro/efficiency .

Additional Information:

  • The macro code hasn’t been modified and functioned correctly with the previous ROOT version.
  • I haven’t made any changes to the macro path configuration (e.g., .rootrc file).


  • What could be causing this behavior change with the new ROOT version?
  • Are there any adjustments I need to make to ensure the full path is recognized correctly?

_ROOT Version: ROOT/v6-30-01
_Platform: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
Compiler: Not Provided


I am sorry you are experiencing this problem. Nothing we are aware of can cause this. Can it be that your environment is not clean and some remnants are around?


Thanks for replying.
I do not think that it is an issue of the environment, because now I compiled an old version of the root (6.26/14) and the path problem is resolved now.

In addition, I also tried with the latest root which already comes in the O2 package (ALICE O2), and there also I faced the problem with the file paths.

Dear @sawan4 ,

Could you also share your code so we can try to reproduce the problem ourselves?


I have attached the code efficiency.C along with the necessary header files. Use root -l -b -q efficiency.C to run it.
It will then print the paths using the header file common.h, but the paths will be incomplete in the latest root version. (9.1 KB)

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