ROOT installation problem in windows

I have installed root for windows from root_v6.32.00.win64.vc17.exe and then typed the command c:\root\root\bin\thisroot.bat in developer command prompt of visual studio for some reason it shows error and is not starting root properly, is shows the following error can anyone help

I have installed visual studio 2022, python -3.12.4 and have set my C++ compiler which is working perfectly fine in visual
studio code.

You probably forgot to activate (click on) the option “Desktop development with C++” when installing Visual Studio. (It’s explained at the bottom of the page where you downloaded the .exe).

By the way, you’ll need Python 3.11, not Python 3.12, with that version of ROOT.

I selected this option along with data science option while downloading visual studio.

I tried re installing and it worked thanks.