ROOT installation: opening in batch mode


I am trying to install ROOT 6.30.04 on Ubuntu 22.04.03 for Windows. I installed ROOT from source, following the steps in the Youtube video “CERN ROOT Tutorial 2: Installing ROOT” (but installing the later version of ROOT). ROOT appears to have been installed, but when I try to run ‘.demo’ I get the below error message:

Error in < TRint::ProcessLine>: Cannot show demos in batch mode!

I am confused as to why ROOT appears to be opening in batch mode. Any help to get ROOT to work would be massively appreciated.


Hi @tadolphus,

Welcome to the forum! Is there any particular reason why you would like to build ROOT from source? There are a few simpler alternatives, you can take a look at: Installing ROOT - ROOT


How do you execute that command?

From the error, it appears that you are trying to run the demos in a batch mode.
If that is the case, there are examples/demos which display graphics using TCanvas, which is not allowed in the batch mode. This is my guess.

Thanks Marta and @ajaydeo,

I uninstalled what I had done so far and installed ROOT using Snap, which seemed to work.

Thanks for your help!

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