Root installation on OSX El Capitan

Hi everyone,
That makes a few days which I try to install Root within the framework of my studies. Nevertheless I meet difficulties at the “make” time. Every time I have this error (cf: picture). Anybody can help me please? Thank you.
Cordially, Jeremy.

Hi Jeremy,

did you install the latest xcode version?


Hi Danilo,
Yes, i’ve already install all requirements: latest Xcode version, Quartz and MacPorts.

Cordially, Jeremy.

Can you include these files in a simple standalone program? I somehow have the feeling the environment is incomplete.

I’m sorry but how can i do that?

You can create a simple program which includes unistd.h and assert.h and compile it.

Did you install the command line tools after installtion/upgrade of Xcode?

xcode-select --install


Sorry for my absence but I was a little bit discouraged… But finally I found THE solution by this link: Thanks the author!