ROOT installation issues on Ubuntu 18.04

I am trying to install ROOT for the first time on Ubuntu and I am running into some problems.
I am following this pdf to setup ROOT on my device.

When I used the command (after cd-ing into /usr/local/root):
./configure --all && make -j 4

I encountered the following message:
ROOT is built with CMake, see
** Please run**
** mkdir obj; cd obj; cmake …; make -j 4**

So I oblige, and the process was upto 71% complete, when my device hung up (too many processes had been running simultaneously, for quite a while).

So I had to force reboot the device, with the hope that the building process would resume normally thereafter.

I cd into the same directory once again, and use the last command, and get the following result:
The first two images show how the build process was initiated:

Then I skip to the part of the build process where the error begins to show itself (that is what I think):

And finally, after skipping through a long body of failed processes, I finally present the final error message:

It is my first attempt to fully switch to Ubuntu, so it would be really helpful if someone could provide a solution guide for beginners.


you don’t have to compile ROOT from source on Ubuntu.
You can download pre-compiled binaries that you just need to uncompress, and a source /path/to/ROOT/bin/ gives you a working ROOT.

Or you can use the conda package manager (you can install it by running bash using the installer script that you can download from here).
With a working conda installation you can get ROOT with:

conda create -n cern-root -c conda-forge root

and whenever you need to use ROOT you just need to run conda activate cern-root.

If you want to compile ROOT from source, I suggest you remove your obj directory and restart a build from scratch, but with less cores, e.g. make -j2 instead of make -j4.

Hope this helps,


I see. I would definitely try out these alternatives. Thanks for the response!

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