ROOT Installation in Google Colab

I’m trying to install ROOT through google colab as in this post :

However, it gives me the following error on running:
/content/APPS/root/lib/ in ()
59 sys.setdlopenflags( 0x100 | 0x2 ) # RTLD_GLOBAL | RTLD_NOW
—> 61 import libPyROOT as _backend
63 # reset dl flags if needed

ImportError: dynamic module does not define module export function (PyInit_libPyROOT)

Since that is an older post, I’m not sure if using ROOT through colab is no longer possible or if I’m just doing it wrong. Help would be appreciated.

Hi @ikaul,
welcome to the ROOT forum! The ROOT team does not officially support usage of ROOT on Google Colab. If you are lucky, some forum users might have tried and might be able to help, or maybe @etejedor, our PyROOT expert, has an idea of what might cause the ImportError you see – my best guess, a python version mismatch between Google Colab’s python and the python version ROOT was compiled for.


Hi @ikaul

Indeed, as @eguiraud said, the error is saying that ROOT was built with a Python version that is different than the one you are using in colab (Python2 vs Python3 issue).

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