ROOT installation DAVIX not found

Dear all,

I am trying to install a ROOT version older than 6.18 on a Linux cluster. This leads to the error of “DAVIX not found”, the homepage, where “DAVIX” was located, does not exist any more.
However, from a previous successful installation of ROOT from a few years ago, there should be a version available on the cluster.

Can you please help me with finding this version and compiling the new installation against it? Or is there an easier fix to my problem?
Unfortunately, I cannot switch to a newer version of ROOT as the latest version of cmake is not available on this cluster and I do not have the necessary permissions to install it.

Any help is much appreciated.


Hi Dorin,

You should be able to download and use a newer version of cmake from a local path. You can for instance do

# Select the defaults in the instructions
export PATH=$PWD/cmake-3.18.4-Linux-x86_64/bin:$PATH

That should allow you to build the latest version of ROOT.

Alternatively, you could start with a pre-built ROOT binary release:


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