Root install problem with centos 07

I am trying to install according to the instruction page of root below
But i had failed to install using cmake…because i don’t know how to fix this problem below;
libXpm and Xpm headers must be installed.
Call Stack (most recent call first):
CMakeLists.txt:110 (include)
Acutally…according to command “yum install”, i have already libXpm insatlled.

So, i tried with Precompiled Binaries file but command " ./configure" indicate me to build root through cmake .
then, i downloaded lower version to install by using command “./configure”
But this time, there is not configure …but just config directory
So…i don’t know how to continue to…
Someone can give me advise?

ROOT Version: root v6.12.xx
Platform: Centos 07
Compiler: I dont know


I suggest you install the latest ROOT 6.14: it is much better than 6.12!
Then, about libXpm, you need also headers which should be included in the libXpm-devel package.

I hope this helps,

I am sorry but i am really really beginner…
Do you mean that ROOT 6.14 will not cause “cmake” command problem that i had mentioned?
and where can i get “libXpm headers” that should be included in the libXpm-devel package?
Thanks in advance…


cmake is the build system of ROOT, the only one :slight_smile:
In general, packages which end with the suffic “-devel” or “-dev”, include sets of headers against which one can develop or compile other packages.


Note that the ROOT Team provides ready to use binary distributions which you do NOT need to “configure”. Simply unpack the archive file appropriate for your “operating system version + compiler version” and execute:

source /Where/You/Unpacked/root/bin/

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