ROOT install error

Hello, recently I have tried to install root_v6.16.00 on UBUNTU 18.04.1, and I followed the instructions found in the INSTALL file in the README folder in the binaries. Here are the instructions:

"3.2. Fixed location build:

You want to install ROOT in a fixed location, not depending on
ROOTSYS. Typically you want to do this when installing in a location
like /usr/local/bin' or even/usr/bin’. This allows you, and all
others on your system, to run ROOT without having to setup ROOTSYS and
special PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH variables.

It’s strongly recommended to enable version numbers in sonames (if
possible) using this method (see ‘soversion’ option below). Also,
using the ‘rpath’ option to “cmake” you can set the load
path to the ROOT libraries on the applications. However, this is not
recommended if you have some other way (like /etc/ of
making the dynamic loader aware of where you installed the ROOT

  1. Get the sources of latest ROOT (see above)

  2. Now type the build commands:
    cmake …/root -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX= -Dgnuinstall=ON
    cmake --build . [ or simply “make -j” on Unix systems ]
    cmake --build . --target install [ or simply “make install” on Unix systems ]

  3. Update the ldconfig cache by doing:

  4. try running root:

I created the directory of point 2) called Rootinst in the “Downloads” folder; into the prefix part I inserted “/usr/local”, and I lauched the “cmake --build .” in sudo mode.

Everything went fine but then when trying to launch root here comes this message: “/usr/local/bin/root.exe: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory”.
Any suggestion? Thanks a lot.

You have to run the “cmake” and the “cmake --build” commands as a normal user. Use “sudo” only for “cmake --build . --target install”.

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