ROOT instalation problem using svn


Im trying to install ilcsoft using script from ilcinstall package.

The problem in question arises when root. py script of the tool tryes to connect and download ROOT from this url https:/

And returns the following:
svn download cmd: svn checkout http:/ 5.28.00f
Redirecting to URL ‘https:/’:
svn: E160013: Unable to connect to a repository at URL 'https:/’
svn: E160013: ‘/svn/root/tags/v5-28-00f’ path not found

Whats can be problem here?
Im not sure what to provide as additional information, please ask if needed.


Get ROOT Sources
Building ROOT

Also note that 5.28.00f is from mid 2011! I don’t know ilcinstall, but do they really use such an ancient ROOT version?

The thing is I need it from repository, because the script for instalation uses it.
Im just not sure how to install the particular package from ilcsoft without using that global script.

Oh, its just seems I forgot to change version myself.

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