Root info messages not suppressed with gErrorIgnoreLevel = 1


I have attached a simple script that illustrates my problem. Also included is a root file w/ a small tree. What I notice is that if I set ‘gErrorIgnoreLevel=1001’ and then call TTree::Draw(…), I still have root displaying an info message about a TCanvas being created.

To run the script go into the tmp directory and do:

root -q ‘makeCanvas.C+(0)’ ; root -q ‘makeCanvas.C+(1)’ ;


Welcome to the ATLAS rootlogon.C
root [0]
Processing makeCanvas.C+(0)…
TCanvas::MakeDefCanvas: created default TCanvas with name c1

Welcome to the ATLAS rootlogon.C
root [0]
Processing makeCanvas.C+(1)…

where the argument just tells the script whether to call ‘new TCanvas()’ before the TTree::Draw() command. What I find is if I do call ‘new TCanvas()’ before calling ‘TTree::Draw()’ I get no info messages, otherwise I do get this info message. Is this behavior expected?

tmp.tgz (5.03 KB)

I have modified TCanvas such that the message is not printed anymore when setting gErrorIgnoreLevl=1001