ROOT in Windows


I always work with ROOT in ubuntu, but recently due to some hardware issue in my laptop i have been pushed to work in Windows. I installed Root 5.32 in windows 7, location (C:/Root).
I have two completely different question.

  1. As my root directory is C:/Root whenever i start root the default working directory is the same, but my root files and histograms are in different directory(different partition). I wonder how can i change my working directory?

  2. As i didnt know answer my the first question, i changed my root macro which reads the root file as
    TFile *f = new TFile(“path/to/the/file/output24_B_0_histo.root”);
    and in root i did .x path/to/the/macro.C
    This macro uses roofit to fit a histogram, i used RooChebychev and Roogaussian and the parameters are set in such a way that it did a perfect fit when i ran it in ubuntu, but when i ran it in Windows the Minuit was keep on running and never stopped and i believe it couldnt optimize the fit ever!
    I am not sure why is that, is there any component i missed to install?


  1. How do you start Root? You can simply open a command prompt, cd where you want to work and call root from there (as you do on Linux), or if you want to modify the shortcut, you can edit its properties and specify the working directory.

  2. there are known issues with roofit on Windows, and you better open a new thread in the Stat and Math Tools forum

Cheers, Bertrand.


  1. Thanks
  2. I will create a thread.