ROOT in OpenSUSE build service

Dear rooters,
i succeeded to build rpm packages of root 5.27.04 for Opensuse 11.3 with Opensuse build service.
Unfortunately I cant test these packages with a “clean” system (right now)
because of some bug/feature in virtualbox (
Anyway you are welcome to do it yourselves and post a feedback, especially for x86-64 systems. … SUSE_11.3/

This is my first experience with rpm packaging and build service, so consider this as a prototype which is able to build (at least). I didn’t say it works, but I hope it does :smiley:

Did you have to make changes in the make rpm machinery ?


I had to
*) make a patch which influences * files and
*) rewrite .spec file

Now I have a .spec file which generates working root distribution with rpmbuild (I used it to run benchmarks on my laptop, and everything seems ok), but I still have some problems with build service.
Thats why there may be no rpms in mentioned repository now.

When these problems are solved, I’ll try to sum up my problems here.

Unfortunately I couldn’t make rpms for “root” with Buildservice (and have no time for this now :frowning: )
I attach spec file and patch for last v. 5.27/06. It can be directly used with rpmbuild and was checked for Opensuse 11.3 (successfully works).
My starting point for spec file was this topic:

I couldnt understand how this file was generated (If it really was).
After “make redhat” I got spec file only for “root-static” part, that was confusing for me.

I removed some “unnecessary” parts of root (for my purposes) in configure.
This is what I had to change:

  1. Add a code which deletes broken symlinks before rpm packaging. Otherwise rpmbuild halted with error at brp-symlink check stage.
  2. Add a patch which removes non existing files from * files (i couldnt find these in build directory)
  3. – Buildservice didnt like initial “categories”, have no idea what’s wrong with them (they should comply this document: … t/apa.html)

How to build rpms:

  1. copy root_v5.27.06.source.tar.gz and root. to /usr/src/packages/SOURCES
  2. Copy “spec” file to your home directory and run “rpmbuild -ba ~/root52706.spec”
  3. If everything is ok (=you have all necessary packages installed), get your rpms in /usr/src/packages/RPMS/i586 . Last directory can be added to Yast as local repository, and it’s very convenient for next upgrades.

My experiments with “buildservice” are not completed, hope i’ll have some time for this in the nearest future.

P.S. Both spec and patch files cannot be attached to this forum. They can be found here (click the same string to start download)
Archive with RPM’s for opensuse 11.3:

Here are sources, patch and spec-file to build Root 5.30 for Opensuse 11.4. … c.rpm.html
The only patch needed to build is

--- ./build/package/common/        
+++ ./build/package/common/       
@@ -1,2 +1,2 @@
+# /etc/

Unfortunately some of rpms (as i remember, proof and rootd) generate errors at installation, so press (i)gnore when install them from your local repository.
Spec-file was generally taken from previous release (5.28), and as before I cant generate it using “make redhat” (AFAIR I needed some hack of scripts in build/package/lib).
I checked installed system on my own programs and it seems it works well.