Root in combination with Vitis-AI, python version mismatch

ROOT Version: 6.16.00
Platform: Ubuntu 20.04LTS
Compiler: GCC9.4

Does someone have experience working with Vitis-AI in combination with ROOT? Currently I am having trouble installing ROOT in the conda environment of Vitis-AI version 2.5. The goal is to run ROOT on the conda environment of Vitis-AI with pytorch to open .root files.
The problem is that the Vitis conda environment only works for python version 3.7, and I can not find a pre-compiled version of ROOT for python 3.7. Any suggestions on what pre-compiled version to use, or what to do next?

Kind regards, Steven

Hi @steven1 ,

and welcome to the ROOT forum!

There is a conda package for ROOT on conda-forge, so one way to check whether there is a combination of packages that work for you is to try and create a conda environment from scratch with all packages that you need, e.g. with (mamba is just conda with a faster dependency solver, highly recommended) mamba create -n testenv -c conda-forge root vitis-ai.

A “bazooka solution” is to activate the conda environment and then build ROOT from source within the environment – that will give you a ROOT build that is compatible with the conda environment.

I hope this helps!

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Hi Enrico,

Thank you for your response! First I will try to create a new conda environment and add both ROOT and Vitis-AI. If that doesn’t work the building from source will have to do. I will let you know if building a new conda environment works!

kind regards,