`root --help` does not present new -t option

The new multi thread option -t is not listed when one executes root --help for version 6.12.04:

$ root-config --version
$ root --help
Usage: root [-l] [-b] [-n] [-q] [dir] [[file:]data.root] [file1.C ... fileN.C]
  -b : run in batch mode without graphics
  -n : do not execute logon and logoff macros as specified in .rootrc
  -q : exit after processing command line macro files
  -l : do not show splash screen
  -x : exit on exception
 dir : if dir is a valid directory cd to it before executing
 --notebook : execute ROOT notebook

  -?       : print usage
  -h       : print usage
  --help   : print usage
  -config  : print ./configure options
  -memstat : run with memory usage monitoring

Thanks Karl. We’ll fix this asap.

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And btw - it’s fixed :slight_smile: Thanks for the report!