Root hangs on interactive stress test


I’m upgrading my old root installation .18 to .22 version in a small proof cluster. We’re using sl4_32 prebuilt binaries with gcc 3.4 untared to /opt/root.

I build the stressProof test with “make stressProof” and then run it like this:

All tests return OK.

But then I try to run it interactively by running root and typing:

.L stressProof.cxx stressProof("", 0, 0, "/tmp/logproof_int", false, false)
The tests seem to be running OK, but then on the 12th I get:

[...] Test 11 : Input data propagation ........................... OK * Test 12 : H1, Simple: async mode .
And never ends (not even ctl+c). I have to kill root manually.

I can’t see relevant logs on master/workers. The end of the log in the client reads:

[code]Mst-0: objects merged; sending output: 3 objs^MMst-0: objects merged; sending obj 3/3 (754 bytes) ^MMst-0: grand total: sent 3 objects, size: 754 bytes

15:42:55 10220 Mst-0 | Info in TXProofServ::HandleRemove: 1 directories removed
…Validating files: 1 out of 4 (25 %)^MValidating files: 2 out of 4 (50 %)^MValidating files: 3 out of 4 (75 %)^MValidating files: OK (4 files)

.Collection name=‘TList’, class=‘TList’, size=2
+++ #:8 ref:“session-proof-1254145251-10220:q8” sel:h1analysis completed evts:0-283812
+++ #:9 ref:“session-proof-1254145251-10220:q9” sel:ProofSimple completed evts:0-999999[/code]

Does anyone have a clue on this?

Thanks a lot,

Ok, forget about this… even though the “OK” doen’t show up, looks like it’s done. If you type a .q you get out of root.

Dear Pablo,

Can you if you get the same by compiling the code, i.e. ‘.L stressProof.cxx+’ ?



You’re right, compiling does the trick.

I get this errors:

root [0] .L stressProof.cxx+ Info in <TUnixSystem::ACLiC>: creating shared library /home/pfernandez/stressProof/root/test/./ Error in <ProofTest>: ProofTest inherits from TObject but does not have its own ClassDef Error in <TTimeOutTimer>: TTimeOutTimer inherits from TObject but does not have its own ClassDef
But doen’t seem to be a problem. The tests run OK