ROOT GUI Refreshing Problem


I am writing a user interface using ROOT which will update a histogram on the reception of some events. Once the user presses a button the program should wait for messages and update the histogram based on the data contains in the message.

I was able to get this working, but during the time the program is waiting for messages, the user interface is not refreshing. (If I move another window on top of the user interface the things get erased including the histograms).

I am using Fedora 7 and ROOT version 5.12/00e.

Could someone please help me to find a solution to this problem?


Hi Jaliya,

It depends how your application is designed. You may use at some point gSystem->ProcessEvents(); to handle the GUI events. As an example please see the code of TestDialog::FillHistos() in $ROOTSYS/gui/guitest.C.

Cheers, Ilka

Hi Ilka,

Thank you very much for the explanation!. I got it working :slight_smile:


Hi Jaliya,

I am happy to help.

Best regatds, Ilka