ROOT gives an error after finishing processes

Hi All,

Root gives the following error after finishing the processes !

root [1] 2016-11-11 03:50:11.300 root.exe[1875:48007] -[__NSArrayM fOverrideRedirect]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x7fc9e1d5c200
Warning in <TMacOSXSystem::Run>: handle uncaugth exception, terminating

What does that mean ?

Thanks for your help,

What does that mean ?

Well, if you are so interested … this means a dangling pointer - something that was a window is not anymore (the memory was re-used and this new object has a different type and cannot respond to the selector ‘fOverrideRedirect’).

Now that I’ve answered your question I guess the answer does not help you. So, it’s my turn to ask:

  • the version of ROOT
  • the version of macOS
  • how exactly to reproduce this.

Otherwise - I do not have this crash on my mac, for example.

Thank you for your answer.
But yes, you are right :smiley: I didn’t understand what you told

-ROOT version 6.04/10
-macOS version Sierra 10.12.1
-ROOT runs a script of 2200 lines converting 68 rootfiles to TTree and writing them on another rootfiles and also which produces histograms and draws and writes them on another rootfiles, and in which includes many pointers, canvases, arrays, histograms, and tfiles opened on dynamic memory and ,of course, these pointers were deleted on memory just after ending their processes


Ah, that simple, I have to write a script 2000 lines long doing these things you’ve mentioned and it’s enough?

hmm, done, but no, my script, which is ~2000 lines long and is doing all those things - does not crash.