ROOT git repository state with regard to 6.10.02

Dear all,

I have found two issues with the state of the ROOT git repositories:

  1. The CERN repository:

Does not contain the ‘v6-10-02’ tag. The tag is present in the github repository. Maybe it should be pushed to the CERN repository as well?

  1. In the github repo, the commit pointed to by the tag ‘v6-10-02’ (e403a424d42c57de163a93c596530c5dbe23dac6) is not part of the v6-10-00-patches branch. Is this by design?


Hi Bastian,
thanks for reporting these quirks, I’ll look into them.

I will also see if we can get rid of mentions of from our website – we recently fully moved to github and that repo is just a mirror now (whose tags are not up to date it seems).

In the meanwhile, please consider our github repo the official one.

Ah and one more very minor thing:

In the ReleaseNotes it says “ROOT version 6.10/02 has been released on 13 June 2017” which is wrong, it was 6th of July I think.

Hi @bastianbeischer. You are right, there was something wrong during the tagging process. I’ll see if we can fix it or or we leave it as it is.

Danilo updated it on the v6-10-00-patches, but yes, that did slip through (wrong release date).

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