ROOT geometry import from GDML problems

Dear all,

since updating to ROOT5 version 5.34/24 we experience a problem importing GDML geometries from Geant4 into a ROOT TGeoManager. The code is:

TGeoManager* myGeo = new TGeoManager();

The GDML geometry has not changed and this snipped worked well with ROOT5 versions 5.34/10 to 5.34/14
The error messages get are:

With the older ROOT versions the output is:

It seems like the TGeoManager does not parse the materials correctly and therefore inserts dummies into the structures.
Has anybody a hint on how to solve this problem?

Many thanks in advance and kind regards

example.gdml.bz2 (976 Bytes)


This bug was fixed on January 8 in the master by this fix: 0701b96ddd2661c81950fe204733e07bc17eba05

Can you check with a more recent version?


Thanks very much for the reply, this patch solved the problem.