ROOT_GENERATE_DICITONARY point to wrong path

In my cmake file, I have:

ROOT_GENERATE_DICTIONARY(G__{barename} src/{barename}.h LINKDEF LinkDef.h)

The the following error shows up when compiling:

[ 15%] Generating G__ana.cxx, libana_rdict.pcm, libana.rootmap
No such file or directory
make[2]: *** [src/CMakeFiles/Analysis.dir/build.make:78: src/G__ana.cxx] Error 1

Then I went ahead to check the file and found the following line:

cd /home/wxie/ana/build/src && /usr/bin/cmake -E env LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/home/lib:/home/ROOT/lib
/home/bin/rootcling -v2 -f G__ana.cxx -s …

So issue is this line:


and it should be


I checked my ROOTSYS=/home/ROOT

Any hints are appreciated.

_ROOT Version: 6.22/06
_Platform: ubuntu 20.04
Compiler: gcc

@oshadura any idea why ROOT_GENERATE_DICTIONARY is taking /home/bin/rootcling here?

it could be connected to what is in your LD_LIBRARY_PATH. Why do you actually have /home/bin/rootcling? what does show which root?

Here are the output from the request:


which root

“/home/bin/rootcling” actually does not exit.


The same package works in root6.22/02. The issue could likely be specific to version 6.22/06.

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