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Hello Rooters
I am trying to run a program that uses Geant4 and ROOT. I am using the G4UIRoot class which will allow me to run the ROOT UI which will recognize the geant4 commands. I have been having problems while compiling my application. Looking at the following documentation … ation.html

they mention I should put all include libraries together:

What exactly do they mean but putting all the include files together? i am guessing to put all include files from geant4 and root in a single directory? What directory? Anybody has any experience setting up G4UIRoot???
This is the only step I am not sure about my installation. I have built my geant4 code with share libraries and I will be compiling “very soon” my ROOT software with the --disable-thread option. Several forum post has suggested to do that:

Thanks for your assistance!

there used to exist a ROOT page concerning “Howto glue GEANT4 with ROOT”, but it’s gone somehow. [-X
I remember it was describing different “known” ways to deal with this problem.
I also remember there were some patches to make GEANT4 “thread-aware” (NOT “multi-threaded”, though). 8-[
You should NOT try to “–disable-thread” for ROOT, as far as I remember. #-o
I believe that the “single subdirectory for includes” note concerns GEANT4, not ROOT. It means that when you configure your GEANT4 you should say “yes” to the question “combine all include files into a common subdirectory” (well, I don’t really remember how this question exactly looks like). <img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/8/84c2fe9464a4066c00e1bd5978e913e7869cbb07.gif" width=“22” height=“16” alt=":-"" title=“Whistle”/>
You might also try to see: and
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