Root, Geant4, Geant4_vmc, Gate

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I am using the geant4_vmc to simulate the scintillators behaviors for PET. So I installed the ROOT, Geant4, Geant4_vmc and Gate in my Ubuntu.

Several days ago, they worked well. However, I could not run even the examples (E03, E06) after Qt5 was installed in the Geant4.

The error message is : "Error in TVirtualMC::TVirtualMC: No user MC application is defined ", which comes from the class of TVirtualMC, In fact I really see the users’ application.

And then I removed the Qt and recompiled the Geant4, Geant4_vmc and Gate. The error message kept same. I recompiled more than 10 times, nothing changed. They work after the first time installation only.

Thanks in advance.

Hi, what do you mean by “Qt5 was installed in the Geant4?” The error you are seeing is from this file:

It indicates that the user’s Monte Carlo application is missing. Could you please post more details about the program you are trying to run? With the information above it is hard to know what the problem is. Thanks.

Also, please post exact versions of the programs you are using, at least for Geant4 and ROOT.

Amadio, Thank you for your reply,

“Qt5 was installed in the Geant4” means “Geant4_USE_Qt=ON”,
The versions are Root_v6.10/8, Geant4_4.10.03, Geant4_vmc.3.5, Gate_8.0 respectively. Only the geant4_vmc does not work, the root, geant4, and gate work well. I guess the reason are that Qt and geant4_vmc are not compatible.
and some cache files still are somewhere even with “Geant4_USE_Qt=OFF”.


Geant4 probably (like ROOT) only supports Qt4. Also, if you recompile Geant4 and reinstall it with make install, do you do the same for Geant4_vmc?

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