Root for windows trouble

Hi, i`m wondering if I am missing a page somewhere that details some differences between root for linux and windows.

For example, Im running 4.00/08 on windows XP and Im having trouble getting a simple ifstream i/o to work. So I look up the tutorial “building an ntuple from an ascii file” . First of all the file “Riostream.h” does not seem to be present. Secondly, the ifstream simply doesn’t work, in that it doesn’t open the file.

A possible solution is that I don’t understand how root looks for files (i.e. the path settings) in windows. But even when I type in the full path name “C:\data\test.txt” it still doesnt work. Any ideas?

Thanks, Andy

The tutorial basic.C runs perfectly (like all tutorials) on Windows/Xp.

Did you install ROOT yourself?
Did you import the binaries from CERN?
Riostream.h is in $ROOTSYS/include