Root Files Portable?

This maybe a dumb question, but are root files portable? Let’s say if a root file was created on a linux platform, could one merely scp the same file onto a Windows or Mac and sample its contents? I don’t have a specific case to bring up but I wasn’t sure how data was being stored in these root files and whether there are issues of endianness that one must be mindful of.

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_ROOT Version: 6.26
_Platform: Linux, Mac
_Compiler:clang++, g++

Hi Jade2,

Yes, the ROOT are designed to be portable across platforms and compilers. You can write the ROOT file anywhere, transport it somewhere else and you will be able to read it.


PS. In addition, they are designed for long storage in mind and support schema evolution, i.e. you can write them anywhere with an old version of your software and you will be able to read back with a newer version of your software (and/or ROOT) [In case of significant change to the schema evolution you may have to give hints on what transformation to apply].

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