Root file reading errors glibc, not a TStreamerInfo object

Hi ROOTers,

So, I have this root file that I made. If I just open it with a TBrowser it opens fine and I can click on the leaves and they would show sensible distributions. But now if I try to read it with a macro, with the usual, it fails the moment I do a chain->GetEntry(0). It gives errors that I have attached here, rootprob.txt.

This is the basic structure of my macro to read the root file:

TChain *chain = new TChain(“soanaltree”);
analvar *skt2kvar = new analvar; //this comes from a c-struct class that I have all my variables stored in
chain->SetBranchAddress(“st2kanlvar”, &skt2kvar);

It reads the file and tells me how many entries I have and all; just the GetEntry(i) fails. I could send you the root file if you want, but I am guessing other people might have seen errors like this before.

I am using root_v5.26.00b_SL54_64.



[quote]Warning in TFile::ReadStreamerInfo: file.root: not a TStreamerInfo object
[/quote]Indicates that you are trying to read a file produce by ROOT v5.27 or above with v5.26/00b. To solve this problem, use the lastest patch release of v5.26 (or at least v5.26/00c).

The segmentation fault is a priori not related and must have more do to with the definition of analvar and/or the TTree. I recommend that you run with valgrind to get more information about the problem.


PS. To run with valgrind use the command:

valgrind root.exe