Root file does not have histograms inside

Hello, I have a question regarding root files that do not work properly. Usually IsZombie() would do the trick, but in this case I have root files that apparently work, but they just don’t have the histograms I want inside. I checked them and compared them with others that did work properly by using Map() and for the files you can see some containing the above mentioned histos (TH1F appear in the third column) and some where there are nothing except this:

20180801/002905  At:100  N=124       TFile         
20180801/002909  At:224  N=4166      TBasket        CX =  7.68
20180801/002909  At:4390  N=1311      TBasket        CX = 24.41
20180801/002909  At:5701  N=17370     TBasket        CX =  1.84
20180801/003945  At:6786418  N=7531      TBasket        CX =  4.25
20180801/003950  At:6793949  N=52        KeysList      
20180801/003950  At:6794001  N=58        FreeSegments  
20180801/003950  At:6794059  N=1         END  

Is there any way to separate several bad root files from the good ones if I can’t use IsZombie()?


Hi Danny,

you can maybe check if all the histos you are looking for are there? You can do this in several ways, for exampke with the FindKey method.


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