Root file crashing root when opened

ROOT Version: 6.30.06
Platform: Windows 10

Hello. When I open a root file from the object browser I encounter a crash. Can you help me with the issue?

Well, I’m afraid there is not much we can do with so little information…

Is there a way to know if it’s that specific file that causes the issue?

Try another file (there is the hsimple.root file in tutorials)

The file from tutorial works properly, I have no idea why the file I’m trying to open crashes root since other people already opened the file without any issue…

can you share the file?

I have no problem opening it:

I guess it might be a memory error… Maybe it’s because there’s much more data in this file than the data in the tutorial files

No, since ROOT only loads the data in memory when reading them, in my example the data from the e3lab branch

Then I have no idea about what may cause this. Any suggestion?

A question first: how did you start ROOT and how did you open the file?

I started ROOT from the x64 Native Tools for VS 2022. Then I ran the command “TBrowser b” and from the object browser I opened the file in question.

Is there any error printed in terminal when it crashes? Could you paste it here?

No errors, whenever I try to open the file the Object Browser stops working and the terminal does not let me do anything (probably because it’s still loading the file). I’ve tried waiting around 10 minutes to see if it eventually gets over it, but unfortunately it remains stuck. If I try to click on the object browser window, Windows says the program is not responding and asks me if I want to terminate the process.

Then you can try the debug version of ROOT and debug it…

I’ve found the problem. Apparently root is not able to open files saved on the desktop. The solution was to simple move it to any other directory. However, now a new issue came out, as the x64 native tools is not recognising root as a valid command…

Oh right, don’t use special folders, of folders in a path containing blanks (spaces)

Right, I’m not. Now I’m simply trying to start root from the native tools as I’ve always did but it does not recognise root as a valid command anymore…

you have to call thisroot.bat first