ROOT FFT under window

Hi all,

I’m using ROOT (5.15.08 ) under Windows XP. I would like make the FFT of some data.

The FFT.C example doesn’t work at now. I read from this forum that I should download the FFTW package. I’m wondering if I should download the precompiled Windows version or I have to compile it by myself.

And then, how can I tell ROOT where it is? I downloaded the precompiled ROOT for window, and thus I don’t know how to compile it with option “–with-fftw3-incdir --with-fftw3-libdir”, as it looks needed.

Can somebody help me?
many thanks!

Hi all,
now it looks like working. I tell you what I did, in case somebody needs:

-I downloaded the FFTW Windows precompiled package (the zip file) and saved it in any place;
-I opened it, and copied the “.dll” files in the root/bin directory, the “.def” files in the root/lib, the “.h” file in the root/include directory.

Now the example tutorials/fft/FFT.C macro works!