ROOT error

Hello ROOTers,
I am getting an error as follows, can you please help me to understand this?

22-Jan-2017 13:46:45 CET Initiating request to open file root:// … e_122.root
terminate called after throwing an instance of 'edm::Exception’
what(): An exception of category ‘FatalRootError’ occurred.
Additional Info:
[a] Fatal Root Error: @SUB=TStorageFactoryFile::Write
file tnp_MC/output_DYJetsToLL_M-50_TuneCUETP8M1_13TeV-amcatnloFXFX-pythia8_sethzenz-RunIISummer16-2_4_0-25ns_Moriond17-2_4_0-v0-RunIISummer16MiniAODv2-PUMoriond17_HCALDebug_80X_mcRun2_asymptotic_2016_TrancheIV_v6-v1-bccf6e491278057086bbf5e37d2c672b_USER_26_histos.root not opened in write mode.

Thank you,
Arnab Purohit

Hi Arnab,

the error says the file is not opened in write mode. It is not clear to me how you triggered the error but given that TStorageFactoryFile is a CMSSW class, perhaps this is a question more suited for a CMS forum.