ROOT Docker containers

The ROOT team is pleased to announce that we are now providing ROOT in Docker containers through Docker Hub: This means you can easily download and start ROOT on any machine that have Docker installed without compiling anything. Docker is currently supported on Windows, Linux, and MacOS. Containers greatly simplifies the distribution of ROOT by lowering the barrier for new users to try out ROOT, but also for existing users that may want to try out new features. Additionally, this makes it easier for data analysts that may want to use Docker for distributed data analysis on dockerized server infrastructure.

Currently, we are providing two tags on the container image: 6.10 (latest) and snapshot. 6.10 is the last stable version of ROOT, built from the v6-10-00-patches branch. This image is built after each passing nightly build of this branch. The snapshot branch is the last passing build of the master branch of ROOT. This means bug-fixes and new features that has not made it to a release yet, can be tested from this tag within hours after the code arrives at the master branch.

If you have Docker installed on your machine, you can start ROOT by running:

docker run --rm -it rootproject/root-ubuntu16

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