ROOT Development release 5.25/04

We are pleased to announce the release of ROOT 5.25/04.
This version is the last development version before our production
release 5.26 scheduled for December 15.
We strongly encourage our users to test this development release.
The version 5.26 will not contain additional developments, only
possible bug fixes.
This new version includes important developments in several areas.
In particular, read carefully the releases notes to see how you can
gain important speed factors when processing ROOT Trees.
A new class TTreePerfStats can help you to understand possible bottlenecks.
For more details read the release notes at

And, of course, since this release coincides with the first observed collisions
at the LHC, we would like to congratulate the LHC teams for this major
achievement. We are proud to see that ROOT is contributing to this success.

On behalf of the ROOT team

Rene brun