Root data help - empty .root file


I need help / tips to solve a problem.

I have a .g4 file (geant4 extension) that contains columns and rows, designating energy, time, position, and momentum in the space of electrons generated at random places on the detector. I made a program in .C to read this geant file and generate histograms in root, but it is not working because the file in root appears empty (no data to generate graphs).

I did the same thing for electrons generated in the center of the detector and it worked, is there any difference that I don’t realize? Can anybody help me?

Attached is the output to root showing that the file is empty.

If your “.g4” file is empty then you need to fix it in your Geant4 application.

but it is not the .g4 file that is empty, it is the .root file. The print is from the output of the .root file.

So you need to fix the application which reads your “.g4” file are creates the “t” tree (and your “.root” file).

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