Root critical error and crash

I started using root 2 months ago and done some examples from Cerns summer school, and everyhing worked fine. Back then I had install microsoft visual studio 2019 ver.16.9.3. After upgrade of MVS to ver.16.9.4 i want able to use root, the second i try to start root it crashed with some critical error. So i reinstaled root and MVS, root is not crashing any more just getting errors, but I still cant run file DataMouns.
I use root ver. 6.24 (, MVS ver.16.9.4 and Windows 10.

Any suggestions how i can fix this ?
How to intall/reinstall Interpreter, if that is problem?

I can’t tell for sure, but updating Visual Studio might lead to incompatibility issues. So try to rebuild ROOT from scratch and be careful when updating Visual Studio