Root crashes with Fatal in <TFdSet::Set>: fd (2932) out of range [0..1023] error

Hello rooters,

I have a code that reads several (~30) root files. I loop over each run and fill a histogram (to extract some ratio) and move on to the next run. The code was working perfectly fine when I used 20 runs. However, as soon as I used 28 runs the code keep crashing at the end with the error:
Fatal in TFdSet::Set: fd (2932) out of range [0…1023]

Is it a memory thing?

note: I don’t know if this information matters or not, but I am not drawing the histograms, Im just filling them .

w/o looking at the code, this smells like your program is running out of file descriptors.

this usually happens when a program forgets to close files when it’s finished using them.
make sure you call TFile::Close() on the files you are finished with.

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