Root crashes cling::DynamicLibraryManager::loadLibrary()

I am trying to open a root file in lxplus,SLC, 6.10 after lsetup “root 6.14.04-x86_64-slc6-gcc62-opt”
It was working fine till yesterday, but now crashes when I try to open a file -
cling::DynamicLibraryManager::loadLibrary(): /cvmfs/ undefined symbol: ZN5TROOT14RegisterModuleEPKcPS1_S2_S1_S1_PFvvERKSt6vectorISt4pairINSt7__cxx1112basic_stringIcSt11char_traitsIcESaIcEEEiESaISD_EES2

Error in <TInterpreter::TCling::AutoLoad>: failure loading library for DataHeader_p5

Any lead is appreciated !
Thank you

_ROOT Version: root 6.14.04-x86_64-slc6-gcc62-opt
Platform: Not Provided
Compiler: Not Provided

Dear Shreya,

Why do you think this is a ROOT problem?
This seems more an ATLAS problem.

G Ganis

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