ROOT crashed when I submitted a batch job using pyroot

ROOT Version: 6.10/05
Platform, compiler g++ (GCC) 6.3.0:
python 2.7

The error message from batch job log:

But it is fine when I was running job locally.

Hi @tahuang1991,

What is the code that produces the crash (I believe

If you try the exact same version of ROOT locally, you see no crash? That is, if you use also the ROOT from /cvmfs/


Hi Enric,

Yes, If I run it locally with ROOT from /cvmfs/, it is fine and it does not crash. It is really strange.


What is the code that produces the crash?

Does it happen when you submit a job that simply does “import ROOT”. Just to check if the environment of your job is completely broken.

Thanks for your reply.

It turned out that the error is due to the node where I submitted my jobs. After checking with the admin of server, it was solved now.

Thanks again!


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