Root-config --git-revision does not work

Describe the bug

$ root-config --git-revision
head: invalid option – ‘m’
Try ‘head --help’ for more information.
tail: option requires an argument – ‘n’
Try ‘tail --help’ for more information.

Expected behavior

A git revision should be returned

To Reproduce

run root-config --git-revision on the command line


ROOT v6.30/02
Built for linuxx8664gcc on Dec 04 2023, 17:56:08
From heads/master@tags/v6-30-02

ROOT installation

mamba create --name xxx root
conda activate xxx

Additional context

If ROOT 6.28.04 then root-config --git-revision returns nothing (empty msg), which is also wrong.

Hi, thanks for reporting this!

I just tried with ROOT master, and root-config --git-revision also doesn’t work there.

Therefore, this is not a question about ROOT but a bug report. Can you please open a bug report on GitHub?

Like this, someone will take care of it.


I opened [6.30] root-config --git-revision broken · Issue #14229 · root-project/root · GitHub

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