Root-config commend not found

Trying to install pyroot, yet i stacked at this part.

  1. Add bin/ to PATH and lib/ to LD_LIBRARY_PATH. For the sh shell family do:
    . bin/

My is in config. So i added the bottom line of ./.bashrc

cd ../root
. config/ 

there was bin/ instead of config, but i got error that they couldnt find the file so, i changed it to where it is, but now i am getting root-config commend not found error. How can i solve this?


How did you install ROOT? Did you build from sources? Did you download a binary version?

root-config is not found because your environment is not configured correctly. As explained here:

You need to source the that is installed in bin/, either in your build directory or installation directory. I believe you are sourcing the that is in the ROOT source directory, inside config.



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