ROOT compiled with 2 python bindings (different Python version)

Dear all,

Is it a way to build a ROOT version with 2 (or more) python (different versions) bindings.

If yes, how should ROOT be setup to use one or the other python binding?



Dear @sgadrat,

Unfortunately, for the moment you need to build ROOT with a particular Python version. We have considered the possibility to allow for more than one version to coexist in the same build, but we first need to discuss how to reorganize the code and the build process to make this possible.



Hello Enric,

Ok, that’s indeed what I thought.

We are often asked for a given ROOT version but with different python version bindings. Some of our users are still using 2.7.x, whereas some others are migrated to 3.6.x (and some are “stuck” in-between).

From our side, this would be a pretty nice feature.



As a workaround, people just build ROOT twice - clean and simple. But as Enric said - a solution on the ROOT side is “in the works”!

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