ROOT compilation on PPC architecture problem

Hello Rooters,

I’m trying to install the software GATE ( on the STFC Hartree supercomputer at Daresbury.

One of the dependencies of GATE is ROOT, and as yet I’ve had little luck getting it to compile, I think because of the PPC architecture.

We have managed to get so far, and we have now hit a problem which we can’t get past. When the histogram library is linked, the TOC is too big for the address space, and the compiler doesn’t understand the flag to give us a bigger space. The error we get looks like:

hist/hist/src/G__Hist.o: In function G__setup_memfuncTHnSparse': /gpfs/home/HCEA037/hxo01/afg27-hxo01/root64/hist/hist/src/G__Hist.cxx:64122: relocation truncated to fit: R_PPC64_TOC16_DS against.toc’+10000

I was wondering if anyone had encountered a problem like this before, and how you resolved it? We think being able to split the object file might help?



Are you try 32 bits (you might succeeds) or 64 bits (this wont work with ROOT 5) ?