ROOT compilation on El capitan clang 7.3.0


Maybe I’m the only one suffering from this error.
Yesterday, Apple updated El Capitan to 10.11.4 and Xcode 7.3
The new version of Xcode provides clang 7.3.0 and this crashes root compilation.
Attached is the log. I put some of them because there’re too many lines.


log.txt (16.3 KB)

Please provide missing information. What ROOT version? Are you using the cmake build method? What is configuration command line?
Seems that the problem in in Vc. You can disable it with -Dvc=OFF.

Thank you for the reply.

I disabled Vc and it is compiled without any problem.
But since it was fine with 10.11.3, something should be fixed somewhere :slight_smile:

What ROOT version?
I tested with 6.04.00, 6.06.00, 6.06.02 and all have the same problem.
Before upgrading OS, there was no error with 6.04.00.

Are you using the cmake build method?

What is configuration command line?
I’m using FairSoft, so the command line if
cmake -DPYTHIA6_DIR="/data/FairSoft.jul15p2" -DPYTHIA8_DIR="/data/FairSoft.jul15p2" -Dasimage=“ON”
-Dbuiltin-freetype=“ON” -Dbuiltin-ftgl=“ON” -Dbuiltin-glew=“ON” -Dcintex=“OFF” -Dgdml=“ON” -Dglobus=“OFF”
-Dminuit2=“ON” -Dmysql=“ON” -Dpgsql=“ON” -Dpython=“ON” -Dreflex=“OFF” -Droofit=“ON” -Dsoversion=“ON”
-Dxml=“ON” -Dxrootd=“ON” /data/FairSoft.jul15p2.source/tools/root

Can you please check for me (I have not yet upgraded to Xcode to 7.3) if the master branch works for you. Or the latest tag in development v6.07.04.

Yes, sure. Not a big deal.

Do you want any option to be compiled with?
If not, I’ll just compile with default options.

Default options should be fine.

Compilation completed without any error.
The attached are log files.

CMakeCache.txt (86.3 KB)
make.txt (987 KB)

Thanks very much, but I think it disabled vc automatically. Can you please repeat the exercise (deleting the cache file CMakeCache.txt) and enabling the following options: -Dvc=ON -Dbuiltin_vc=ON

It went well.

CMakeCache.txt (86.2 KB)
makelog.txt (988 KB)


In ROOT-v5 the Vc build on OSX with clang-703.0.29 fails too. As there is no automatic Vc download feature in cmake for that version the only way is to get the latest Vc code in math/vc. For the time being Vc is disabled for both build methods on OSX.

– Fons