ROOT commands from bash script

Hi, I want to write a bash script that runs some root commands. The script is


for i in `seq 1 235`;
        root -b -q 
        .x masses_wrong_ratio_opt.C("/home/george/Desktop/wrong_weights/output/benchmark_ttH_1.dat.out")                # runs the macro script that creates the root files
        .q                                                                                                              # exits root    
        mv ratio_wrng.root ratio_wrng_$i.root                                                                           # changes the name of the root files

but it doesn’t seem to work. the output is

./ line 6: syntax error near unexpected token `('
./ line 6: `	.x masses_wrong_ratio_opt_C("/home/george/Desktop/wrong_weights/output/benchmark_ttH_'$i'.dat.out")		# runs the macro script that creates the root files'

Anyone knows how to fix it?


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The script below should print ROOT’s help. You can modify it to do what you want.


root -l <<-EOF

Basically, you need to use <<-EOF for the next lines to be used as input to ROOT, and then EOF when you are finished with ROOT commands.

You don’t need .x, just use:

for i in {1..235}; do # in bash, you dont need to call seq
  root -b -q masses_wrong_ratio_opt.C'("/home/george/Desktop/wrong_weights/output/benchmark_ttH_1.dat.out")'

The trick is to quote the parentheses and the double quotes as well. Easiest done using single quotes :slight_smile:

It gets a bit messy if you want to use i instead of 1 in the filename:
root -b -q masses_wrong_ratio_opt.C'("/home/george/Desktop/wrong_weights/output/benchmark_ttH_'${i}'.dat.out")'

Complely untested :slight_smile:

Also, consider using root -b -q masses_wrong_ratio_opt.C+'("/home/geo ... to compile the code.

But how will the argument of the macro change if I don’t use i? I want each time to be "/home/george/Desktop/wrong_weights/output/benchmark_ttH_ΝUMBER.dat.out"
where NUMBER to span from 1 to 235… and then to exit root…

Thank you

you can use with the escaping of " and ( :
root.exe -l -b -q EmcalJetCDF.C\(\"local\",\"test\",\"data.txt\"\)

if you want to start more similar processes is better to have separate subdirs in which you will have the input,
a generic named symlink to input data and the output file
if the output file is root you can do hadd of the results at the end

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