ROOT code navigation in Eclipse

I have just started using Eclipse IDE for my code development. Ordinarily, I am able to use the keyboard key ‘F3’ to be able to navigate to a function definition i.e if I put the cursor on the function name and press ‘F3’, Eclipse first navigates to the function declaration/prototype. Hitting ‘F3’ again takes me to the function definition.

This seems to work well. However when trying to use ROOT libraries, hitting F3 does take me to the function declaration, but on hitting F3 again, Eclipse does not navigate to the function definition.

I have tried to Re-Index my project in Eclipse by selecting the ‘Full Index’ option, but that does not seem to work. It seems that some how Eclipse’s indexing is not quite set up to find the corresponding .cxx file for ROOT libraries?

If anyone has any insight into this issue, I would appreciate the feedback.